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APA Style (American Psychological Association): APA Style by APA

Information on understanding and using APA style.

ANNOUNCEMENT --- UPDATE as of May 10, 2020

Academic Writer will be changing to the 7th edition as of the 1st week of August.

See Handout for steps to keep your current documents in 6th edition MUST export before July 31 to remain in 6th edition.

Academic Writer by the American Psychological Association



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APA Blog

APA Intro

New 7th Edition Available Oct 2019

The University announced the 6th edition will be used until next August 2020 when transition will occur to the 7th edition. Please come by review the new 7th edition -- there are copies to check out.

This guide remains to share information on the 6th edition until summer of 2020.

APA Style Central and the University

APA Style is used in most courses here at the University, with the exception of the Physical Therapy and Nurse Anesthesia programs which use AMA Style or both APA/AMA Styles. The library subscribes to Academic Writer, the tool by the American Psychological Association which helps with writing and sharing the APA Style rules.

Why use Academic Writer?

  • Helps with learning APA Style Rules
  • Offers a place to write your papers
  • APA Publication Manual rules online and searchable
  • Short videos to help learn APA
  • Citation tool for creating References
  • It’s BY the American Psychological Association (APA)

Academic Writer includes: 

  • Short video clips
  • Reference Lists
  • Sample papers
  • Writing Tool 

APA Style Books by APA