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Peer Review Tutorial

The peer reviewed status listed on the E-Journals list comes from Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. Ulrich’s provides detailed information about more than 230,000 journals, such as where the journal is published, the subjects it covers, and whether or not it is peer reviewed. You can find both journals the library subscribes to and journals outside of our collection in Ulrich’s.


To look up a journal's peer review status in the library's online version of Ulrich's Periodical Directory, follow these four steps:


1. Go to the library website and open the Menu.

2. Find Ulrich's in the quick links box. The quick links box is at the bottom of the menu. You may have to scroll down to reach it.

Library website menu quick links box with the Ulrich's Periodical Directory link called out.

3. Search for your journal by title using the Ulrich's search box. Nursing Standard is an example of a journal you could look up.

Screenshot of Ulrich's Periodical Directory search page with Nursing Standard in search box.

4. In the search results, find your journal and look for the referee jersey icon. Refereed is another term for peer reviewed, so Ulrich's uses the referee jersey icon to signal peer reviewed. If the icon appears next to the title, the journal is peer reviewed.

Ulrich's Periodical Directory search results with the peer-reviewed icon highlighted.