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Cultural and Religious Diversity in Health Care: Cultural Diversity

This guide shares resources related to health care quality for different cultural diverse groups. Includes essential health literacy tools.

CultureVision Database

Here is a suggestion on how to cite in APA. PLEASE confirm with your professor if this is acceptable. 


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U.S. Government Resources

Educational Institutions

Essential Health Literacy Tools

Associations and private or nonprofit organs.

Government Agency Accronyms

Here is a listing of well-known U.S. Government agencies providing health information.

AHRQ - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

CDC - Center for Disease Control

HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration

OMH - Office of Minority Health

Blogs related to Transcultural Health

Cultural competency training

Culture Info by Country

ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health has 2 publications : 1. Culturgrams Provinces Edition and 2. Culturegrams World edition.To access use the database >> click on "publications" then type in culturegrams.Various countries are listed.This publication started in 2013.

Patient Care by Culture

Culture & Health Care