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Nursing Informatics: What is Nursing Informatics?


Do you enjoy helping other nurses? Do you enjoy working with computers? Do you enjoy learning about emerging technology? Then perhaps nursing informatics is for you!


Nursing Informatics


20-minute interview with a nurse who explains his job as a nursing informationist and how he decided this field.

October 27, 2018 (You Tube)

Quick Facts

  • Included in the top ten fastest growing professions according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Salary from $35,000-100,000.

Nursing Informatics in Two Minutes

Source: You Tube, Nov 2015, Wendolyn McKoy

Some Subjects Associated with Nursing Informatics

Ehealth-Healthcare practice which is supported by electronic processes and communication. This includes:

·         Telehealth—Health related activities communicated through telecommunication

·         Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records-Medical records in digital formats

·         Consumer Health-Health related activities which provide consumers with tools, skills and support to manage their health decisions.

Typical duties associated with Nursing Informatics

·         Software Systems implementation

·         Software Systems development

·         Staff Liaison

·         Quality Initiative

·         Strategic Planning

·         Informatics Education

·         Vendor Communication

·         Nursing Education

Nursing Informatics History

Hospital Safety