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Clinical Preceptors -- Physician Assistant: Overview

Resources useful for clinical preceptors available at the library


Hello Clinical Preceptors!

The information on this page would be useful for all specialty areas.

Thank You

We thank you for offering your time and expertise to our PA program students.

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Access Medicine

An APP is available from iTunes or Google Play.



There is an APP available from iTunes or Google Play.

See Handout under Handouts Tab on this guide.

Library Orientation

The Library has a variety of resources available to use.

1. Books -- both print and ebook. The majority of the library's book collection is available online.

You can access the books using the OneSearch box or the Library Catalog.

2. Journal Articles -- The Library has both library databases and a list of e-journals (electronic journals). 

3. Library Databases -- Scroll through the list to see a variety of specialty databases --- journal databases and more.

4. Videos -- The Library subscribes to several streaming video collections that cover many topics --- biology, social science, psychology, education, health and more. Alexander Street is one of the prominent video collections.

5. Citation Manager -- The Library subscribes to RefWorks which is a citation manager. It can help organize journal citations for different research projects.

Complete Anatomy -- 3D model and videos

Need to use Windows 10. Available for ipad.


Watch the short videos below to learn about Complete Anatomy.

Other Helpful Guides

Key Journal Databases

Library Journal Databases can help with locating evidence-based practice journal articles by topic. Below is a list of key databases that can get you started in finding articles.