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Radiography / Radiologic Sciences: Overview

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Hello Radiography Students! Whether your goal is an AS in Radiography or a BS in Radiologic Sciences. This guide is for you!


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Radiography Material

Selected titles from the Library Catalog (both print and e-books):

Citing a Medical Report

Use the following format when citing a patient medical record when writing papers or case reports. This citation is based on the 7th ed. APA rules for a technical report -- Section 10.4 Reports and Gray Literature. 

How to Cite a Radiology Report -- Citation example 

Interpreting Physician (Year, Month date [Dictation Date]). Exam [italicized]. Facility.


Morris, L. (2020, January 12). Left forearm. AdventHealth Imaging Princeton.

Wilson, H.[Harriet]. (2019, May 22). Nuclear medicine bone scanAdventHealth Fish Memorial.

Wilson, H. [Henry]. (2020, January 5). Right forearm. AdventHealth Imaging Oviedo.




Other Imaging titles

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Other Helpful Guides

Radiography Books

Radiography books are located in the WN's, most being in the WN 160's, WN 180's & WN 200's.

Diagnostic Imaging material is in the WN's which includes nuclear medicine, radiography & sonography. Browsing the WN's would be useful.

 Don't forget that we also have e-books.