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NURS 425 Introduction to Nursing Research

Outcomes of Visit

Outcomes for Library Visit: undefined

1. Review features of Academic Writer and share create an account.

2. Use OneSearch to locate journal articles.

3. Export articles found in a database to RefWorks and create a Reference List.



Tips when searching for journal articles

Article Searching Tips:

  1. Make a list of search terms – brainstorm synonyms; the databases will offer subject terms
  2. For a thorough search you will need to use more than one source or database – not just Google Scholar. J
  3. PubMed is a good database and worth the time to learn. Accessing via the Library Databases link shows articles AHU has.
  4. There is no one perfect tool to cite in APA, we all still must know the rules. Academic Writer is a great resource.
  5. Advance Search allows to focus searching.
  6. Truncation (* asterisk) – this will tell the database to search for different endings of word. Ex. Nurs* -- finds nurse, nurses, nursing ; useful when searching; Google Scholar does not use
  7. “Quotation marks” – most databases allow – will help keep words together; “hip fracture”, “nursing student stress”

This information is mentioned on the handout. 

Creating an Account -- Academic Writer & Refworks

Create an Account for these 2 tools, if you do not already have one. You might use these both while in school.

1. Create a RefWorks Account -- watch video linked below

2. Create an Account in Academic Writer

  • Begin on the library website:
  • Click on menu, top right
  • At the bottom, lower right in blue box click on APA Style Guide
  • Click Academic Writer on the left
  • Once in Academic Writer -- Top Right Click Welcome then LogIn
  • Select Create an Account. Fill out form. Use any email you wish.