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Peer Review -- What's that?: Peer Review

Peer Review Explained

Source: North Carolina State University / You Tube

Refereed = Peer-Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Source: Understanding Science. 2018. University of California Museum of Paleontology. [permissions given]


Tools to Determine Peer Review

There are different ways to determine if a journal is peer-reviewed (or refereed):

1. Use Ulrich's Periodical Directory

UlrichsWEB: Global Serials Directory assists with verifying whether a particular scholarly publication is peer-reviewed. Find title and look for "referee's shirt icon" or YES for Refereed. This database/directory indexes magazines, newspapers, newsletters and journals.

2. Google the journal and locate the journal's website page. Look for a statement saying the journal is peer-reviewed, often found under the "About" section.

3. Check a print copy of a journal and on the inside cover for backside of title page in small print towards the bottom there is a description saying the frequency of publication and if journal is peer-reviewed or indexed in a database. 

4. A final way, it to use E-Journals  A-Z found under the FIND link allows to search for a journal title. Click on journal details to see if "yes" is listed for peer-review. 

5. The very last way which takes time is to call the publisher and ask.


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