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PubMed & PubMed Central (including MESH)

Practice Questions for PubMed

1. What is the perferred / MeSH term for hand washing?

2. What year was the term Text Messaging introduced in the MeSH index?

3. What are the 4 types of MeSH terms? 

4. What are some MeSH terms for this question --- find articles on pain management after hip fracture surgery.

5. What type of MeSH term is comparative study? 

1. Hand Disinfection

2. 2012

3.  Heading / main descriptor; subheading ; publication type ; supplementary concept record

4. pain management -- Pain Management [MESH] ; hip fracture -- Hip Fractures [MESH] ; surgery -- surgery [subheading/MESH] ; orthopedic surgery -- Orthopedics [MESH]; hip -- Hip [MESH], Hip Fractures [MESH], Arthroplasty, Replacement, Hip [MESH]

5. Comparative Study [Publication Type]