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Borrow a Textbook

Resources for locating textbooks for courses.

Location of textbook reserves

Required textbooks for courses might be in print or ebook format.

Print titles are located at the library service desk and generally checkout for 2 hours.

Ebook textbooks are also available. Use OneSearch. 

eCampus bookstore will list ebooks the library has as unlimited user. Use eCampus and find the correct course. 

Textbook Reserves

Textbook Reserves (part of Course Reserves)

Textbook reserves are textbooks that have been placed at the service desk in the library and can be checked out to use in the library. These are usually required textbooks used in different courses. Teaching faculty request these textbooks to be in the library. 

Materials available online are provided as links within your course website. Check with your professor if not in CANVAS. You can also check the Library catalog (OneSearch) or a course guide.

Print textbooks have a two-hour check out period (there are a few exceptions with longer check out times). Bring your student ID to check out a book or other item.

Please note that Reserve items will have a designated time restriction.  Reserve materials must be returned on time or will accrue a late charge. (Print items checked out).

Course Reserves

Course Reserves

Looking for required or recommended reading or other items for your classes?

Course reserves are items, either owned by the library or the instructor, deemed important for a particular course that are placed on reserve at the Library Service Desk.

This includes textbook reserves. Items also included are DVDs, models, heavily used items. These items are given loan periods as short as two hours or as long as a week depending on the preference of the faculty member. Bring your student ID to check out material.

Teaching faculty request items to be on course reserve.

Materials on reserve may include:

Copies of a course textbook

  • Materials used in a lab
  • Practice exam books
  • DVDs / Film / Movies
  • Style Manuals

Some materials are available through the library website in electronic format. The library is trying to purchase as many textbooks used in courses as is possible.

Resources listed on these guides are compiled by librarians at the R.A. Williams Library. We accept content recommendations, and after review, may include suggested resources on a guide. Our time is limited, so we generally do not reply to unsolicited recommendations from individuals not affiliated with AdventHealth University or notify them regarding whether or not we have linked to suggested content.