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World Religions: Terms/Definitions

Resources related to learning about different faiths and religions.

Terms/Definitions -- religion related

Belief – the thing believed; a proposition or set of propositions held to be true; a religion; an opinion or persuasion (noun).

Congregation – a body of people assembled for religious worship or to hear a preacher; the body of people regularly attending a particular church etc. (noun).

Denomination – a body of people classed together under the one name; spec. a religious sect or body with distinctive name and organization (noun).

Faiths  – THEOLOGY. Belief in the doctrines of a religion, esp. such as affects character and conduct.  (noun & verb).

Religion – belief in or sensing of some superhuman controlling power or powers, entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship, or in a system defining a code of living, esp. as a means to achieve spiritual or material improvement; acceptance of such belief (esp. as represented by an organized Church) as a standard of spiritual and practical life (noun).

Theology – 1 the branch of knowledge that deals with Christian theistic religion; the organized body of knowledge dealing with the nature, attributes, and governance of God; divinity.  2 the branch of knowledge that deals with non-Christian (esp. theistic) religions. (noun).

Source: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 2002. Ref PE 1635 .S47 2002


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