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RELE 405 Christian Ethics and Healthcare: Readings

This guide shares resources needed to complete the assignments for the course.

Reading's List for each Week

Sept 5 Ethical Theories and Moral Principles

Sept 12 Autonomy, Truth Telling and Confidentiality

Sept 12 Research, Ethics, and Informed Consent

Sept 19 Genetic Control

Sept 26 Reproductive Control

Oct 3 Abortion

Oct 10 Treating or Terminating : Impaired Infants

Oct 17 Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

Oct 24 Organ Transplants and Scare Medical Resources

Nov 7 Distributive Health Care (Universal Health Care)

Nov 14 Women and Medicine

Nov 21 African Americans and Medicine

Nov 28 Epidemics / Pandemics

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