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Foodskey - the science of food

Keywords -- nutrition & diet

Possible key terms to use when completing research:



Diet therapy

Dietary Supplements




Nutrition Therapy

Nutritionally induced diseases

Plant-based diet

Vegetarian Cooking


Nutrition -- Course Reserve

Required text for NUTR122 Nutrition.

       At the Circulation Desk on Reserve. Reserve check out is 2 hrs.

APPs for your phone

Call Numbers -- Nutrition

Here are key areas to find books in the library on nutrition topics:

QT 235 -- Diet

QU 145 - 220 -- Vitamins

QU 145 -- Nutrition. Nutritional Requirements

TX  642-840 -- Cooking. (Recipes)

WB 400-449 -- Diet Therapy and Nutrtion Therapy

WT 115 -- Nutrition (Geriatrics)

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