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Nursing, Transcultural: Overview

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CultureVision Database

Here is a suggestion on how to cite in APA. PLEASE confirm with your professor if this is acceptable. 


Cook Ross Inc. (n.d.). Beliefs/teachings [Hinduism]. CultureVision.

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Cross cultural training -- healthcare

Cultural Competence -- General

Culturegrams -- ProQuest

ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health has 2 publications : 1. Culturgrams Provinces Edition and 2. Culturegrams World edition.

To access use the database >> click on "publications" then type in culturegrams.

Various countries are listed.

This publication started in 2013.

Health Disparities

Muticultural -- articles

Patients & Different Cultures

Personalizing patient care, 4th edition, by Aurora Realin is available online via Canvas. Please contact the library if you need this title using ASK US on the library home page.

Transcultural or Culturally Competent Nursing Care

Call Numbers to Check:

WA 309   Women's Health

WY 107    Transcultural/Multicultural Nursing