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HIST 174 & 165 World Civilization I & II: Overview

Resources for history class.


Welcome World Civ Students --

A collage of four images -- (clockwise from top left) a sculpture of the head of Odysseus; Chinese calligraphy of The Great Learning in Confucianism; a painting of Krishna giving spiritual instructions (i.e. Bhagavad Gita) to Arjuna at Kurukshetra battlefield; and the Quran in Andalusi script -- representing selections of classics across different cultures, regions, and time. (Photo credits, also clockwise from top left: public domain; courtesy of Fu-Min YangAsaf BravermanUltraLeft on Flickr.)


Databases w/History Info

These databases might be a place to start when looking for articles related to history topics. Please note that many of these databases include book titles.

Primary vs Secondary Sources