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Evidence Based Practice

What is PICO and sample Questions

PICO is an acronym to help you formulate a clinical question and guide your search for evidence. 

P   Patient or Problem

I     Intervention

C   Comparison

O   Outcome


PICO Method explained (2:59)

From / You Tube, August 2015. Creators from Temple University, Oberlin College, and UCLA Medical School.

Articles discussing PICO

PICO --- OVID form

Using the PICO question, this tool will help you locate articles in OVID Medline.

Ovid Database:
P: Patient, Population, Problem or disease
    who are the patients, what is the problem
I: Intervention or Issue
    what we do to them, what are they exposed to
Intervention / Issue:
C: Comparison intervention or issue
    what do we compare the intervention with
O: Outcome
    what happens, what is the outcome

Using PICO Tool offered by PubMed.

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