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Writing Research Papers

First Ask

Questions to ask yourself…

1.       What is my assignment?

2.       How many resources do I need? What types of resources?

  • Types of sources -- books, journals articles, websites, newspaper articles, video, etc.

3.       What are keywords and subjects related to my research topic?


Steps to Finding Information

Where do I begin to find information for my research paper?


Step  1 :  Find Books

1.        AHU Library Catalog

2.        Books on the Web

3.        Local Public Library

Step 2 : Find Journals/Magazines

1.     Library Databases help locate full-text journal and magazine articles.

2.     Internet Resources

a.      Google Scholar -- indexes scholarly journals and books

b.      PubMed  -- medical database by National Institutes of Health


Step 3 : Consider Organizations/Associations


Step 4 : Media

1.       Videos from Library

2.       Streaming video

3.       Podcasts



Step 5 : Public Web Sites 

1.        Don’t forget to assess the site you use.


a.    Is it credible? Who put the site together? Look for “About”.

b.    Is it reliable?

c.    Is it current? When was the site last updated?


2.        Web site endings do make a difference. Just be aware.

·          .edu               - Education

·          .gov               -Government

·         .com              -Commercial

·          . mil                -Military


Argumentative Essays

Evaluating Sources