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Streaming Video Guide: Alexander Street Video Press

Learn how to access and embed streaming videos.

Creating Custom Clips


Create custom clips in 

Alexander Street Press

Click top right: "sign in to save playlists" - then create new account

1. Choose streaming video.

2. Determine the amount you want to show.

3. Below video, click on the scissors.

4. Type in start time.

5. Type in finish time.

6. Give the clip a title.

7. Type any notes you need.

8. Decide who it should be visible to.

9. Save.

 10. You can access it under Clips, on the right.

11. To the left of your title is the embed icon -click on it and copy and paste the linke into Canvas.






Streaming Video Disciplines

Alexander Street Press has a main search box. 

A subject can be searched in all disciplines or in a specific discipline.



Discipline Choices:

All Disciplines

Art & Architecture


Health Sciences


Literature / Language

Music / Performing Arts

Psychology / Counseling

Science  / Engineering

Social Sciences


How do I embed an Alexander Street Video in Canvas?