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Seventh-day Adventists : An Introduction: Health

This guide provides information on the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. Find out about its emphasis on diet & health, promotion of religious liberty, distinctive teachings etc.

A healthy lifestyle

Seventh-day Adventists have been known for their healthy lifestyle, abstaining from certain types of meats, caffeine, narcotics and alcoholic beverages. Learn why Adventists generally live healthier, longer lives. Read about studies conducted and find statistics.

AdventHealth CREATION Health Titles

Book titles at the R.A. Williams Library.

CREATION Health Videos

Cummings, D. (Presenter), Reed, M. (Presenter), & Stafford, N. (Host). (2008). Creation health: God’s 8 principles for living life to the fullest [Film]. Florida Hospital Mission Development. [A series of 8 videos, originally in DVD format]

More Information on Creation Health

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