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Physical Therapy (Doctoral)

Assessment / Treatment/ Diagnosis

Body Region Specific

Complementary Therapies

Dictionary, Rehabilitation


Exercise Therapy

FA Davis Collection



Musculoskeletal Issues & Rehab

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pharmacology for PT


Sports Related

Treatment Modalities


Call Number Areas

Some call number areas of interest:

QT 260's -- Athletics. Sports.

QT 261 -- Sports Medicine. Athletic Injuries.

WB -- 300 -- 962 Therapeutics

WB -- Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy

WB 275 Palpation

WB 460 Physical Medicine. Physical Therapy.

WB 535 Musculoskeletal manipulations.

WB 890 Kinesiology.

WE -- Musculoskeletal System

WE 103 Movement. Locomotion.

WE 168 Orthopedic Procedures.

WE180 Fractures.

WL 704 Pain and Pain Management



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