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Physical Therapy (Doctoral)

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PHTH 710 C : Patient/Client Management I: Basic Skills

PHTH 714 C Patient/Client Management II: Examination and Evaluation

PHTH 720 C Clinical Kinesiology

PHTH 724 Human Physiology and Clinical Pathophysiology

PHTH 791 Research 1: Methods

PHTH 800 Professional Foundations II: Communication (3)

PHTH 820 C Musculoskeletal I

PHTH 822 Musculoskeletal II

PHTH 830 C Neuromuscular 1

PHTH 832 Neuromuscular II

PHTH 810 C Patient/Client Management IV: Biophysical Agents

PHTH 840 C Integumentary

PHTH 890 Research III : Implementation and Interpretation

No textbooks for this course.

PHTH 892 Research IV: Preparing for Dissemination

No textbooks for this course.

RELP 810 Role Fidelity and the Exercise of Power