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Physician Assistant Program: Overview

Resources available to assist students in the Physician Assistance Program.



There is an APP available from iTunes or Google Play.

See Handout under Handouts Tab on this guide.

Access Medicine

An APP is available from iTunes or Google Play.

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Welcome future PA's

Welcome to the Physician Assistant Guide.

Check out the different links and resources these can assist with completing assignments.

Physician Assistant Clinical Year Book

Key Resources

There are a variety of resources available ---

Books -- Library has both print & ebook titles.

Journals -- key medical journals are found using the various databases. E-journals A-Z will confirm if the library owns a specific title electronically

Videos -- there are multiple products that offer video clips

Databases -- Library has multiple databases specifically geared for your program


Clinician Well-Being

Other Helpful Resource Guides

Scholarships / Financial Assistance for school

Call Number Areas

There are multiple areas that cover material important to a physician assistant, here are a few keys areas:

W 21.5 -- Physician Assistant Profession

W 62 -- Interpersonal Relations w/patients

WB 200 -- Physical Diagnosis

USE the NLM Call Number Chart on side of rows.

Some other areas --

WG -- Heart

WO -- Surgery

WM -- Pychology/Psychiatry