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Occupational Therapy: Overview



There is an APP available from iTunes or Google Play.

See Handout under Handouts Tab on this guide.

OT Books

Occupational Therapy related books are found in the WB 555 and WE area.

Other Call Numbers helpful for OT:

TH 48.16.15 -- Houses/Dwellings, Barrier-Free design

WB 320 Rehabilitation for the Disabled

WE -- Musculoskeletal System (includes posture and kinesiology)

WL -- Brain eschemia. Stroke.

WM -- Psychiatry

WS 350 -- Child Psychiatry

WT -- Geriatrics

Circulating books check out for 3 wks and can be renewed online.

Complete Anatomy -- 3D model and videos

Need to use Windows 10. Available for ipad.


This guide is here to assist those students in either Occupational Therapy Program --- Occupational Therapy Assistant or the Masters in Occupational Therapy.  Please feel free to make suggestions to improve this guide.  

Good Luck!

Databases Related to Occupational Therapy


Selected titles from the Library Catalog:

Wellness & OT

Can't Find an Article?

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