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Occupational Therapy (Undergraduate & Graduate))

OT/ OTA General

OT / OTA -- various

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Arts & Crafts

Assistive Technology

Complementary Therapies



Houses, Barrier Free Design

Moving / Transfer of Patients

Pediatric related


Sensory Integration

Writing for Publication / Writing

OT Book Call Numbers

Occupational Therapy related books are found in the WB 555 and WE area.

Other Call Numbers helpful for OT:

TH 48.16.15 -- Houses/Dwellings, Barrier-Free design

WB 320 Rehabilitation for the Disabled

WE -- Musculoskeletal System (includes posture and kinesiology)

WL -- Brain eschemia. Stroke.

WM -- Psychiatry

WS 350 -- Child Psychiatry

WT -- Geriatrics

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